Renew Your Smile and Your Confidence with Dentures

Understandably, many people who experience tooth loss become fixated on the way their smile looks. After all, our smiles are a major part of how we present ourselves to others, and those missing teeth will be glaringly obvious to everyone you meet. Such awareness can cause feelings of embarrassment and insecurity if not addressed.

Not only does tooth loss have aesthetic implications, but it can also take a toll on one's health. For example, those with missing teeth may struggle to eat crunchy foods like raw fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the lack of nutrition from these types of food could lead to further complications down the line as well. Tooth replacement can help you not only look and feel more confident with your smile, but it will also improve your overall health by aiding in nutrient absorption.

For many years, dentures have been a definitive solution for individuals who suffer from tooth loss. Fortunately, today's dentures are innovative and of superior quality than previous versions. If you're in Santa Maria seeking partial or full denture aid, Dr. Michael R. Gomez is the specialist to trust with helping you construct an attractive prosthesis that gives your smile back its natural look!. Furthermore, your dentures will fit so effortlessly that you won't even recognize you have them on!

What is a Partial Denture?

If you are missing a few teeth, then a removable partial denture could be the ideal solution for you! Modern partials typically feature flexible and comfortable plastic materials that provide an almost unnoticeable feel. Partial dentures contain replacement teeth affixed to metal frames so they can firmly remain in place. This prosthesis is designed with brackets that anchor to existing healthy teeth close to the gap in your smile. If you're missing non-consecutive teeth, it can be formed as a puzzle piece and fit perfectly between remaining ones. To ensure proper hygiene, the partial must be temporarily removed so that you can brush and clean not only your real teeth - but also the prosthetic itself.

What are Full Dentures?

Leveraging cutting-edge materials and technology, today's full dentures provide a natural look that is tailored to fit your mouth comfortably and securely. All false teeth designs are skillfully crafted from models and measurements of your oral cavity for the best possible results. Your dentures are comprised of a superior dental porcelain or resin and affixed to a gum-colored support, which creates an authentic look. To ensure the security and comfort that you seek in your new teeth, natural suction will hold them firmly in place. If needed, additional stability can be accessed through using denture adhesive as well. For unparalleled comfort and stability, speak to Dr. Gomez about dental implants to secure either a partial or full denture – you won't regret it!

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