Cosmetic Composite Fillings

cosmetic composite dental fillings in Santa Maria showing woman with lovely smileIf you reside in Santa Maria CA and need a seamless restoration, look no further than Michael R. Gomez, DDS! At our Santa Maria dental practice, we are proud to offer composite fillings that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Our specialist Dr. Michael Gomez is highly experienced in this procedure and guarantees a comfortable experience throughout it all. If you're looking for beautiful results with minimal pain, contact us now to book an appointment with Dr. Gomez! Our dental practice has become renowned for providing the highest quality fillings, typically as a first step in treating cavities. We even offer replacement of amalgam (mercury) fillings with state-of-the-art composite ones! This service is one of our most sought after treatments due to its ability to keep your teeth both healthy and beautiful.

The Benefits of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

Our composite resin filling process is both cost-effective and reliable, allowing us to finish the entire procedure in a fraction of the time required by other dentists - no more than 30 minutes per tooth! Our experience with this treatment gives us an edge over our competitors. We are proud to provide you with fast, comfortable care that produces superior results every time – we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back! Santa Maria, CA residents: Uncover the multiple benefits of tooth-colored fillings versus classic amalgam ones today!

Comparing Silver Mercury to Tooth Colored Fillings: Information You Need To Know

Our composite fillings, made of resin or plastic, provide a much healthier alternative than silver amalgam fillings that contain potentially hazardous elements like mercury. Warnings have been issued about the risks associated with excessive exposure to mercury, making our composite solutions an ideal choice for better health. While many assume amalgam fillings are harmless, the results of studies can be inconsistent and cause confusion. If you want to avoid the risks that come with mercury exposure, have tooth-colored fillings placed, or have your existing silver ones replaced, visit Michael R. Gomez, DDS in Santa Maria.

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